Hijabi Girl by Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan


Hijabi Girl is an early chapter book for 2nd grade readers published in 2016. Written by Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan, the story follows 8-year-old Melek as she meets a new friend and competes in a book character parade at school. This 47 page book is divided into 5 chapters and includes a glossary and an online book guide for teachers. The cover is designed by Serena Geddes, whose illustrations also appear inside the book—including a hijabi fish! 



Hijabi Girl is a smart and playful story about a group of friends in Australia who navigate friendship, culture, and school. The four friends are smart and competitive Melek, the new girl Tien, Melek’s best friend Lily, and their classmate Zac, who loves soccer and his pet rat—Rattus Rattus.

Melek is such a refreshing Muslim girl character; she is both bold and kind. Outgoing and friendly, she introduces herself to the new girl, Tien, at school. She demonstrates empathy when she explains how to pronounce her own name and is careful to pronounce Tien’s correctly. Melek is fiercely competitive and wants to win the most points for her table and the character parade competition for her class. View Post