Review Policy

I believe that book reviews are about connecting a book with its best readers. I try to find the best parts of every book I read and present those parts fairly to readers, while also giving my honest opinion about what I found less successful. My honesty means I sometimes write positively gushy reviews, and I sometimes write critical reviews. 

Because I hate to write bad reviews, I carefully vet each book before I accept a copy for review.

Here are the genres I am currently considering for review:

  • Adult, YA, and children’s fiction with a Muslim protagonist
  • Nonfiction that addresses Islamic topics

If you are the publisher* of a book you’d like to see reviewed and are willing to mail a hard copy to me (US), please write to me using the Contact form. Please include a link to where I can find information about the book online. (Preferably a link to part of the interior.) I’ll check it out and let you know if I’m a good choice for a reviewer. Reviews take 4–6 weeks to be posted.

*Publishers only, please. If you are self-publishing your book, I’m willing to consider it, but I rarely accept self-published books for review.