Treasures of Jannah



In this sweet and simple picture book by Yasmin Egala, brother and sister Adam and Hana visit Grandma, but instead of telling them a story, she tells them about a place called Jannah!

Adam wants to see Jannah on a map, but Grandma laughs and explains that it’s not even in this universe. She then offers them a vivid description of Jannah, with palaces and treasures, rivers and trees, and, best of all, no rules and the freedom to do whatever they like. Hana and Adam then brainstorm all of the wonderful things they are going to do in Jannah.

This concept picture book asks the question: “What would you like to do in Jannah?” Adam and Hana begin the conversation, and the illustrations (partially in Grandma’s garden and partially in Hana and Adam’s imagination) help readers begin to answer for themselves.

The book ends with Grandma sharing with Hana and Adam how they can get to Jannah: “love Allah and be good Muslims.”

Here are some of the truly delightful illustrations, which are by the talented Azra Momin.




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Striving to Be an Antiracist

The Prophet ﷺ said that when we see an evil, we should change it with our hands, and if we can’t, we should change it with our tongues. In that spirit, get to work. Go to a protest. Contact your elected officials. Donate. Sign a petition. Speak up in your community. Call out friends and family if they say something racist. Interrogate your bookshelves. Make dua. And, most importantly, if you’re not Black, educate yourself and your children.

Ways to help from BLM:

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