Little Brother for Sale

Black lives matter. They have always mattered, and they will always matter. See the link after the review for ways to get involved.

Asma’s little brother, Hamza, is annoying. He not only distracts her parents from watching the cool things she does, but he also pulls her hair, steals her food, and makes noise during her favorite show. She has decided that enough is enough: she takes him out to play and gets a For Sale sign and gets to work. She fails to sell him to the mail carrier, a mother walking with a stroller, and an elderly neighbor. They laugh and insist that she would miss him. Asma is starting to feel frustrated when her mom calls them in—it’s time for Hamza’s nap. Asma is delighted to be on her own for a few hours, but she soon finds herself thinking about what Hamza would do if he were there with her.

This sweet and simple story by Rahma Rodaah is delightful. The illustrations are stunning—bright and emotive, and the characters’ facial expressions are so perfect. Readers will love Asma; she knows what she wants and goes after it! And they’ll also feel with her (she’s right about younger siblings, after all), making the emotional payoff at the end that much better.

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Striving to Be an Antiracist

The Prophet ﷺ said that when we see an evil, we should change it with our hands, and if we can’t, we should change it with our tongues. In that spirit, get to work. Go to a protest. Contact your elected officials. Donate. Sign a petition. Speak up in your community. Call out friends and family if they say something racist. Interrogate your bookshelves. Make dua. And, most importantly, if you’re not Black, educate yourself and your children.

“Putting Justice Into Practice: Khutbah on the George Floyd Murder and Police Brutality by Dr. Tahir Wyatt

“Your Black Muslim Friends Are Not Okay, America’s Knee Is On Their Neck” by Nikia Bilal on MuslimMatters

Ways to help from BLM:

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