The Tale of a Tiny Droplet

When I first saw this cute book, I thought it was about the water cycle. It’s actually not. It is the story of a tiny droplet living in a cloud. It sees a beautiful kingdom below on the ground, and it wants to live there. When it’s finally big enough to fall from the sky, it joins with a grain of sand in the air before falling into the ocean. It’s then taken in by an oyster and becomes a pearl. So, in fact, by the end of the story, it does get to fulfill its dream of living in the kingdom. It’s found by the Prince, who places it in a beautiful headdress for his mother, the Queen.

This was a cute story, and I was rooting for the droplet from the beginning, which is definitely a new thing. However, I did find it a little confusing. I had to backtrack a few times to figure out exactly what was going on. That’s mostly due to the fact this book is written in poetry, but the rhymes are often forced, leading to some weird line endings that don’t quite make sense. The rhythm is also off, which makes it difficult to read aloud.

The illustrations are cute, and I appreciated a story about the formation of a pearl, even though I’m not really sure if this book is scientifically accurate. I’m still confused about what the droplet of water actually has to do with the formation of the pearl. I thought that it was a grain of sand or a parasite that a pearl is formed from. From my brief googling, I’m not sure how a droplet of water can figure prominently in the formation of a pearl. So that’s disappointing.

I do, however, love stories that show how different elements of nature are servants of Allah, and this book definitely has that going for it. Definitely check out this book if you are interested in books that combine science with Islamic studies.

My rating: ⭐⭐/5

Find it here: Goodreads | Lotehouse Publishing

Thank you to Lotehouse Publishing for sending me a free review copy of this book along with some coloring sheets and activities.

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