Nameless Soldiers

Thank you to E.N. Clay for offering to send me a copy of their book—Nameless Soldiers, which is the first in the End of Times series—in exchange for an honest review.

Ali, a computer science student at a Swedish university, is part of a group of Muslim hackers preparing for the end times and the coming of the mahdi. When a member of their group is arrested and their website is hacked, they have to scramble to complete their mission, all while a Swedish intelligence agency is closing in on one side and a group of djinn on the other. 

This is an interesting idea for a novel; unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

One problem is that the writing is rough. “Where” and “were” are consistently confused, verbs are conjugated incorrectly, and the text is riddled with spelling mistakes and typos. 

Even if I could get past the writing, I found the story itself immature and the representation of women problematic. Ali, who is an excellent student, hacker, and Muslim, not only has an important mission to complete but is also able come to the rescue of the two main female characters in the story even while resisting them as they flirt with and pursue him. He is the kind of person who says, “I performed fajr, the dawn prayer, with excellent focus. Then I recited the Holy Quran with a voice that moved me to tears.”

CW: Sexual assault. (This 112-page book manages to include two rapes in it. Personally, I found them gratuitous.)

I can see this book appealing to a certain audience, but unfortunately, that audience wasn’t me. Let me know your thoughts if you do read it!

My rating: ⭐/5

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I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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