Yes, I’m Hot in This

Yes, I’m Hot in This: The Hilarious Truth about Life in a Hijab is a book of comics about wearing a hijab and being visibly Muslim in America by Huda Fahmy. I found it laugh-out-loud funny at times and a sharp social commentary at others. But it is so relatable, and that means a lot to me. This book pokes fun at the hilarity that can rather surprisingly ensue from a simple piece of fabric, and it speaks the truth about some of the more difficult things hijabis have had to face with honesty and empathy. 

The book’s main character (the same one as on Instagram) is named Huda, like the author. The comics are divided into six chapters based on loose topics.

Chapter 1—“Yes I’m Hot in This”—is about hijab in general.

Chapter 2—“My Born Identity”— is about being asked where you’re from and getting blank stares when you say “Michigan.” But it’s also about how you might have to deal with immigrant parents and families who remind you to remember your heritage and say things like “be proud of who you are” when you’re on your way out to the movies. And it’s about how, consequently, you don’t quite fit in anywhere.

Chapter 3—“Married to the Struggle”—is about Huda’s married life with her husband, whose name is Gehad. They use nicknames in public to prevent the chaos that would no doubt ensue if she were to call out “Gehaaaad” in a public place.

Chapter 4—“Yes, People Actually Say This Stuff to Me”— is about all the crazy stuff people actually say to hijabis in public. This chapter has microaggressions and macroaggressions and all the aggressions.

Chapter 5—“I’m Ready for My Close-Up”— is about pop culture and representations of Muslims.

Chapter 6—“It Never Hurts to Hope”— is about hope. Huda describes some of the hopeful signs she has already seen around her and others she hopes to see soon.

I recommend this book for every hijabi living in the West and for everyone curious about what it’s like to be a hijabi in the West. I also recommend this book as a gift for all the well-meaning but clueless people in your life; it tackles serious topics with humor and grace.

You can find it here: Goodreads | | Book Depository

Scroll down to see some of my favorite panels, and let me which you can relate to as well.


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