A Race to Prayer by Aliya Vaughan

Our prayers literally saved us!

A Race to Prayer: Sulaiman’s Rewarding Day, by Aliya Vaughan, is an early chapter book for readers 7+. It has seven short chapters, and follows Sulaiman, who feels like every time he wants to do something fun, it’s either time to pray or it’s raining. When the rain keeps Sulaiman from going to play football, his dad offers to take him to the quad bike races. But things keep happening to get in the way. By the end of the book, Sulaiman is finally able to enjoy the races with his dad and grandpa, and he has learned a valuable lesson about the blessings of putting prayer first. 

Things I liked:

  • A new interest for kids—quad bike racing!
  • A close father-child relationship
  • An exploration of the everyday frustrations of kids
  • Sulaiman relates his everyday life to Islam. He says, “This reminds me of Prophet Sulaiman. He missed the Asr prayer because he was distracted by his beautiful horses.”

What I found less successful:

  • Lots of lecturing from the dad. I prefer to see kids working out their own ideas in children’s books.
  • The pacing was very slow, especially for a book that’s supposed to be about a race.

Here’s where you can find this cute book: Kube Publishing | Amazon

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