Pious & Professional by Sohair Omar

I frequently browse the Publishing category on LaunchGood to see what exciting bookish projects people are working on.  I happened upon Pious & Professional about a month ago, and I was intrigued.

It’s a book full of advice for Muslim women on how to maintain their Islam in a professional environment. Organized into eleven chapters that cover topics like “The Ultimate Goal: To Please Allah” and “Prayer Breaks and Holidays,” the text reads like a list of bullet points about each topic with lots of Quran and hadeeth included.
The subtitle is “A Guide for Muslim Women in the Workforce,” but I found most of the advice to be to too simple for women who have already entered the workforce. For example, “Always dress professionally. At minimum, own 3-5 formal outfits. No T-shirts. No jeans. No pictures and/or writings on clothes.” and “Be punctual. Better yet, early. (If your meeting is at 10:00 am, be there at 9:45 am.)”

Instead, where I think this book can really shine is with high school girls. So much of this advice is stuff the rest of us learned the hard way in the first few weeks of work. High school girls who are preparing for college and their first real jobs (or internships) can use the advice in this book to get a head start.

Also, this book is extremely approachable. It’s tiny (30 pages long) and beautifully designed with full-page color pictures. I love that the images show Muslim women dressed modestly and professionally in office settings.

Pious & Professional is available here.

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