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myDeen is a monthly magazine for Muslim children. I love that they produce three magazines every month, so that children of different age groups get a tailored experience. The age groups are 2–4 years, 5–7 years, and 8–11 years. Each month, all three magazines focus on a theme, so that siblings who subscribe to the different magazines can learn about the same topic, but in their own way.   

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The magazine for the 5–7 age group for April is themed “Gift of Jannah.” There are a few pages with guided activities (parents have to read these pages with children) about the purpose of life, and then Jannah is presented as “a special place that Allah created for all the people who are good in this world.” I really like the messaging in this magazine—it’s age-appropriate and presents Islam in a way that encourages children to act on their faith.

For example, the three facts that are presented about Jannah are: 1. No one knows exactly how  Jannah looks like. 2. Nobody knows who will enter Jannah and who will not. 3. Why is Jannah a gift? Each point is elaborated upon just a little bit in a way that children can understand, and then there is a dua for children to say. I appreciate that it is not only a dua that children can understand, but also relates the lesson to their real lives and to what what they care about. Here is the dua:

Oh Allah, help me to be strong and to do my best so that I can be with my family in Jannah. Ameen!

My six-year-old enjoyed a cryptogram activity and a puzzle activity (pictured below) the most. He also enjoyed some of the activities in the magazine for ages 2–4. 

My six-year-old’s favorite activities from the 5–7 magazine

Another part of the magazine that he really enjoyed was “The Adventures of Bilal and Sophia,” which is a repeating feature—each month, kids get a little more of Bilal and Sophia’s story. Other repeating features are Sunnah Style (this month, it has the duas of sneezing and yawning) and the opportunity to submit  their artwork and win a prize. 

My six-year-old enjoying some of the activities in the 2–4 magazine

If I have one criticism of the 5–7 magazine, it’s that I would have liked to see more text that children in this age group can read on their own. At this age, children take their first independent steps into the world of reading, and I think that the magazine would have held my son’s attention a lot longer if there was more text that he could read on his own, and less text that I had to read to him. 

I really like myDeen Magazine. The messaging is age-appropriate and friendly, and the activities are fun. I’m still on the fence about subscribing because the price point for two children is a little high, but I would definitely like to.

You can subscribe at their website here.

Thank you to myDeen Magazine for providing copies of their magazines in exchange for an honest review.


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    Masha Allah, this is so amazing! Jazakillahu khairan for the review!

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