Our Bookish Ramadan Traditions

Ramadan is just about a month away, so I wanted to share my family’s bookish traditions while there’s still plenty of time to prepare. And you know we have bookish Ramadan traditions in my house!

Here is the first:


This is our cache of children’s Ramadan books that only come out during Ramadan. The kids are so excited every year when they come out—greeting old friends and meeting new ones. Last year The Jinni on the Roof was a new favorite. The story features parathas prominently, and I would reward the kids with a paratha each when they fasted.

Next is this wonderful kit:


This is the third year we’ll be using the Rafiq and Friends set. The book is cute, but it’s the other stuff that makes it really worth it. The kids bring their date palms to iftar every day and put their dates and other treats on the plates. There is an activity card for each day, and it’s the first thing they want to do when they wake up in the morning. The activities on the cards are as simple as reading a surah and as complicated as preparing care packages for the homeless. Whenever there’s an art project, you can take a picture and upload it on social media or send it to their website. My kids love seeing how other kids completed the same activities as them.  I highly recommend this great product.

And finally:


We read a chapter from this book every night. It’s not perfect for my kids’ ages (6 and 8), but I really like the idea of getting through the seerah every Ramadan, so we stick with it.

Those are my family’s bookish Ramadan traditions! Let me know in the comments below if you have any traditions of your own; I’d love to try something new this year!

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